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Bronte Stag Weekend 2010


British Car Day & Bronte Stag Party 2010

The weekend started Friday with a tour to Hernder's Winery in St. Catherines. Saturday included an outing to Legendary Motorcar Company in Halton Hills and the Garden Lunch. Sunday was British Car Day at Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

37 Stags were in attendance for British Car Day on Sunday, an all time North American Record, terrific.

A thank you to all the people who showed up is a great idea as they came from far and wide, Tom Struthers from Winnipeg (longest travelled with a Stag) , Bruce and Kate Turner from Cape Cod (furthest driven Stag).

We had in attendance John & Joan Parker from the Stag Owners Club in New Zealand also Dave & Sylvia Berquist from the Triumph Travellers Club of California; unfortunately they couldn't bring their Stags.

Tony Fox

Hernder Estate Wines

Departing the Admiral Inn

Friday tour, gathering at Tim Horton's, where else??


Leading the Rampees

Touring round the edge of the Niagara Escarpment

Friday tour, after lunch, through Effingham Hills between St. Catherine's and Fonthill. It is an amazing area very much like the country lanes of England.

Passing through the Brittany Bridge, the entrance to Hernder Estate Wines

Steve and Anthea Turner's 73 Stag

Arial View Hernder Estate Winery

Gathering in the parking lot

The road back to the evening gathering

Return to the Admiral Inn

Steve Turner

Clark & Maureen Gilbert in front

Kathy Rampee

Legendary Motorcar Co.

Garden Lunch

George Haar of Buffalo is just doing a last minute check

All is fine

Just looking over my shoulder, more Stags

Off to the right, more

Left, Green Stag is Ted & Eden Allison's
Right, Red Stag is Roger & Joy Tipple's

Scanning down the line

Left, Stag of Bill Clark and Jo-Anne Link
Right, TR3A of Ned & Julie Paulson, Webster NY

Left, Yellow Stag of Ian and Delma McKenzie, London ON
Right, Red Stag of Fred & Marcie Kammerer PA

Left, Red Stag belonging to Jim Foster NY
Right, Purple Stag of Kathy & Bill Rampee, Webster NY

Red Stag belonging to Jim Foster NY

Purple Stag of Kathy & Bill Rampee, Webster NY

Roger & Ruth Deacon from Indiana own this Stag

Steve & Anthea Turner's yellow Stag from Brooklin ON

Left, "72 STAG" belongs to Tony Fox Jnr.
Centre, "R73STAG" belongs to Chuck & Carmie McCormack
Right, The Union Jack Stag belongs to Pat & Tamara Barber of MI.

"72 STAG" belongs to Tony Fox Jnr.

"R73STAG" belongs to Chuck & Carmie McCormack
This recieved first place at Bronte on Sunday

The Union Jack Stag belongs to Pat & Tamara Barber of MI.

Looking back from the other side

There was actually a lunch

And, it was in the Garden!

Tony Fox, Michelle Fox, Dave Bergquist

Chris & Griz Holbrook, Huguette Elliott

Fred & Marcie Kammerer, PA, Tom Struthers, Winnipeg

Fox Cub

Roger Tipple, George Haar and Cindy

Bill and Kathy Rampee

George Haar and Cindy

Bill Clark & Joanne Link

Bruce Krobusek

Fred and Marcie Kammerer, Pat Coffey

Steve & Anthea Turner

Roger and Joy Tipple

Awards Banquet at the Queen's Head

Anthea Turner, Mike & Pat Coffey, Fred & Marcie Kammerer

Christine Allan with cake!

Michael and Tony cutting each other up before the cake

The First Cut



We have to credit Jim and Christine Allan for the awards and medals, they made up the medals and purchased the prizes.

Days of Wine and Antlers, One evening really. The award night door prizes included a half bottle of wine and Stag Antlers

Christine Allan, Kathy Rampee, receiving wine, and Tony Fox

Steve Turner receiving wine, Tony Fox

Christine Allan, Bruce Krobusek getting his wine, Tony Fox

Michael Coffey getting his wine, Tony Fox

Christine Allan, Bruce Turner getting his antlers, and Tony Fox

Bruce getting his antlers adjusted for proper fit

A little bend here, widen it out here

And, perfection

Tony Fox, George Haar with Stag Buckle

Chuck McCormack recieving Stag Party Puzzle

Christine Allan, Michael Coffey receiving Stag Print door prize from Tony Fox.

Medals were awarded based on quizzes Friday and Saturday

Michael Coffey Recieving Olympic Bronze from Tony Fox

Christine Allan presenting Kathy Rampee with her antlers, to add to her Silver Medal

George Haar with Gold Medal

The best award for last, Lynda Hill, with Christmas Stag, and Tony Fox

Bronte Creek Provincial Park for British Car Day

Early Morning Gathering for Bronte

For British Car Day at Bronte the Stags were Class X, awards were as follows:

1st place, Chuck & Carmie McCormack
2nd place, David Lawrence
3rd place, Anthea & Steve Turner

The Day could not have been better; sunny skies and warm temperatures

Dave Lawrence's Stag

This Stag belongs to Chris Hodgson

Clark & Maureen Gilbert of Burlington, ON

Checking out the Morgans

Jaguars at prayer

1954 Jaguar XK120

Bruce & Kate Turner of Cape Cod drove their '72 Stag here they had the longest drive

Jim Allan and, I think, Fred Fraser

Left, Michael Coffey (president of the Stag Club USA) centre, Colin West, and right Bruce Turner talking Stag

Bruce Krobusek and Tony Fox

Tony Fox

Brooks Roy. He and his dad, Glenn Roy, were here with their Stags

Chris Hodgson


Stag Book Cover


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