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Promote and Preserve the Triumph Stag

Stag The Triumph Stag Club USA was formed in the summer of 1992 to provide owners and enthusiasts of North American Triumph Stag classic cars the opportunity to meet fellow owners and enthusiasts. We also help owners learn to maintain their Stags in first-class condition at the most reasonable prices and parts quality, increasing their overall enjoyment of Stag ownership and driving. Originally known as the Triumph Stag Club, Northeastern USA, our membership extends throughout the USA and Canada. We decided to change our name in late 1998, removing "Northeastern" from the name and creating a new logo.

The Triumph Stag Club USA is one of the largest car clubs outside of the United Kingdom which is dedicated solely to the preservation of the Triumph Stag model. Our strength lies within our membership which is open to anyone interested in the Triumph Stag. You don't need to own a Stag to join; in fact we encourage people to join before they buy a vehicle, to seek advice from our experts, which could save time and money. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us using the "Contact Us" link in the top left hand column.


What makes the TSC USA different?

Stag The TSC USA helps you through all phases of your Stag ownership, from education before you buy a Stag, to selection, restoration, operation, and support. We direct you to the right way to repair and restore your Stag so you can avert some of the known pitfalls and correct known design issues. Foremost, we support you when you are having problems with those unscrupulous parts suppliers to obtain proper quality parts and customer service.

Wherever you're located, summer or winter, you can enjoy your membership of the Triumph Stag Club USA year around. Our quarterly newsletter, STAG NEWS, provides technical articles and stories of Stag ownership from around the United States and Canada.

Can you help me buy a Stag?

Stag Our members tend to have their finger on the pulse of Stags for sale around North America. A few well placed e-mails usually locate quality Stags that may be available in your location, or within a day's drive. Additionally, one of our members has published a Buyers Guide.

As a Member, you can view our Classifieds pages and browse the For Sale section to look for Stags for sale or post a Wanted advertisement.

The For Sale section also lists Stag related items too (i.e., parts).


Join or renew your membership in TSC

Why join?

Enjoy the full benefits of membership in the Triumph Stag Club USA:

  • Join the largest network of Triumph Stag owners in North America
  • If you ever need roadside assistance, find helpful Stag owners near you
  • Gain access to insider info via the forum and live events
  • Learn the best sources of parts and info to maintain your Stag better
  • Swap parts with other Stag owners
  • Share your knowledge by submitting articles for the benefit of the entire membership
  • Receive our quarterly newsletter, STAG NEWS, which provides technical articles and stories of Stag ownership

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Attention Members - please take a moment of time to log-in to update both your mailing address and your e-mail address using the "Update my Profile" tab on the left column. If your contacts are incorrect or out of date we have no other way of communicating with you to remind you of membership renewal, deliver your copy of Stag News or bring any other significant information to your attention. Thank you!





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