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Technical Article: About Oil Pumps
Christopher Holbrook writes:

Submitted by Club Member & Ex-Triumph Employee Christopher Holbrook.

I was reading the articles now on the website, and it seems to me that all is not truly clear.

Briefly, oil pumps are designed to create a supply of oil in quantities sufficient to meet the needs of the engine, or at least we all hope that is the case.

Pressure comes from the resistance to that flow, and is dictated by the condition of the engine.

The pressure relief valve controls the maximum pressure the engine is intended to accept.

As I'm sure many of you know, Melling is the foremost manufacturer of oil pumps in USA, and their website is a mine of information on this topic.

Therefore, I would like to suggest that people interested go to and then to Support, and then to Technical Bulletins.

They have several bulletins, but the first three, Common Misconceptions on Oil Systems, Engine Oiling Systems: Pressure vs Flow, and High Volume Pumps: Advantages, Myths, and Fables, are very clear on the subject, and truly well worth reading.

Posted on Sunday, April 02 @ 20:48:39 CDT


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