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Technical Article: Triumph Stag - Essential Buyer's Guide
Book Review:

Triumph Stag - Essential Buyer's Guide

Veloce publishing has released another book in their series of buying classic cars, this one concerning the Triumph Stag. There have been many excellent books written about the Stag but this is the first one for buyers of the model.

It is aimed at all the aspects of buying a Stag and is a handy pocket size book that can easily be carried along when looking at a prospective purchase. It covers various subjects such as 'is this the right car for you' and 'living with a Stag'. An evaluation tool is provided for a 15 minute review to see if you are wasting your time and then a more comprehensive follow up termed 'serious evaluation'. A brief history of the development of the car is included together with differences between the MK 1 and MK 2 models. The book is filled with many color pictures of various Stags which can also be a useful guide. A list of contacts is included together with some typical costs of replacement parts. The book discusses problems that can be encountered with a car that has been stood parked for a while many of which are unique to the Stag.

There are a couple of mis-captions present but overall a useful book to have on the shelf.

If you are thinking about buying a Stag this is a handy guide to see if the prospective car is a good purchase or a money pit. Written by Canadians Norm Mort and Tony Fox.

Posted on March 3, 2011


Stag Book Cover


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