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Technical Article:Parts

Stag and other Parts (we're working on it ...)

An important note on parts quality and customer service In My Not So Humble Opinion, long winded ... :

Your Triumph demands the best parts quality that you can afford. OEM parts or better. The reason for this is safety, safety to you, safety to others. TSC USA recommends that you buy only from reputable suppliers who stand behind their parts quality not only with written word warranty and written customer service policy, but suppliers who actually perform to the standards they write through their action and high percentage of satisfied customers. If you have a problem with parts quality and / or customer service from any supplier, the TSC USA wants to hear about it. And, if you have a story to tell of exemplary quality and customer service from a supplier, demonstrating that the supplier went the "extra mile" to make your Triumph ownership and buying experience just that bit higher level of standard, the TSC USA wants to particularly recommend those suppliers to enthusiasts. Please let us know your experiences, good and bad, complete with details.

I must also state like my daddy told me, and IMNSHO, that you don't get something for nothing. To this of course, I am referring to "free shipping" or "free carriage" offers. Shipping always costs someone and one way or the other, it is always the recipient. Rarely is such a huge volume purchased of a classic car quality part that could warrant it to be sold at its normal price and deliver it free of charge. If that is the case it is usually openly advertised as such. Since this "free" cost must be borne by the supplier, the cost must come out somewhere else and that is in the original purchase cost of the goods being sold. If the purchase cost does not reflect the shipping cost difference for free delivery, then its per item cost itself must somehow be lowered, and that is done either by huge numbers in ordering, or by sacrificing quality of materials, labor and manufacture to purchase the parts at a lower cost. Those are given facts in supply chain management, and any of you whose business involves supply know this to be a fact.

My point here is, for a quality part, expect to pay for shipping. Only through huge volume purchases, shipments and parcel handling are large shipping discounts arranged for such offers, and we in this hobby are definitely not in the huge parts volume arena that commands such an offer. So when you see a "free carriage" offer for a classic car part, just wonder how the supplier is able to offer free delivery to your doorstep of a quality part. You have a voice, you have a choice.

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts made to original or better specification. Often you will see a part as "uprated". Uprated is not always better. Make sure you ask if the parts you are receiving are OEM or better, and even more, ask for the name of the manufacturer. You do not know unless you ASK, and in some cases you may be getting a cheap knock off part that is identified as uprated. Be informed, ask the questions. If enough owners begin demanding quality OEM parts, the suppliers will get them made.

The key to getting the best rates is to consolidate your orders to reduce repetitive shipping and keep orders below customs values that trigger a tariff or duty, usually $400 USD for US customs. Allow the supplier to consolidate parts that may be temporarily out of stock, but be sure to inquire as to how long the delay will be. Heavy weight metal objects such as engines, transmissions and differentials usually can be rebuilt for less cost than what it would cost in shipping from overseas to the US, unless coordinated with an other bulk shipping of parts going to a US supplier. But if you want those types of parts from a supplier, again, expect to pay the shipping costs as you would not like to sacrifice the dollar amount of work that should be going into those critical components assembly. The old adage rings true, you get what you pay for, usually. Caveat Emptor, ya'll.

What to do if you receive the incorrect part?

FIRST, verify it is indeed incorrect, and that you did not place an incorrect order. If you are then verified, contact the supplier immediately and explain the problem. The supplier will, if reputable, replace the part at no charge to you. Also, if the part needs to be returned to supplier, the supplier should also collect the part at their cost if the mistake was theirs.

What ever you do, resist all temptation to toss the part onto the shelf or into the trash. This accomplishes nothing, and the supplier never knows there is or was a problem. Always take the time to contact the supplier and get the problem rectified NOW. JUST DO IT!

The suppliers are listed alphabetically for your reference only. The TSC USA makes no endorsement of their quality or service unless it is noted next to the supplier. There are quite a few Triumph and British Car parts suppliers in the USA. Many parts on the Stag are shared with other Triumphs and British Cars. If you find a supplier who stocks parts for your Stag, please supply us with the details so we can include them on this list.

Glenn Merrell

Posted on Saturday, December 03 @ 07:32:12 CST by triumph_stag


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